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Bertha Testamonials
  • Dear Mrs Dlamini

    This is to show our utmost and gracious gratitude to the insightful message you gave to us today. I recall listening to you speak and in the middle of your speech, I caught myself linking that this is exactly what I needed to hear, in fact, what we all needed to hear and more so, believe.

    In the past few months, there has been scepticism and great rebuke in the belief that we eve on the trail of doing great things and believing we could, but today, we found that you solved that hunger within us and the drive to not only understand that our best will produce fruit but a multitude of it.

    I’d like to extend my appreciation for that as well as for the rest of the Team. You are truly an inspiration and a force in a space we dare to be in.

    Thank you again for the encouragement and an assertiveness about the way you motivated us

    I not only speak for myself, but for the entire team in saying that you have instilled a great motto in as far as that we should always persevere to succeed.

    I hope this finds you well.
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  • I have witnessed Ms Dlamini as a facilitator/ moderator in several energy sector conferences and seminars, such as the SALGA Energy Summit that took place in March 2018, where she was chairing a closing plenary session. I was captured by the way she is knowledgeable about the subject matter and is able to direct a discussion to achieve the objectives of the session while keeping the audience engaged. It’s evident from the way she introduces the panellists that she takes time to research them and their backgrounds and makes the introductions interesting without reading their CV’s word for word. The level of preparation is quite evident in the way the panellists respond promptly to her questions in each one of the panel sessions she moderates.

    What really captures me as a member of the audience is the time management and how she is able to manage the conversation ensuring that every panel member has a fair chance to speak especially in a big panel of speakers that can be difficult to manage. She asks thought provoking questions, which also stimulates audience participation in the session and she conducts the audience question session in a firm but professional manner. Miss Dlamini captures and summarises every discussion round with eloquence, and has an amazing ability to consolidate key messages and chunk them up into discussion themes that can be captured as take-aways for the session.

    Ntombifuthi Ntuli
  • Bertha is somebody who has been in the Power industry for many years. She has been influential in her work with various utilities in South Africa such as Eskom, City Power, City of Tshwane to name a few. Her involvement in the PowerGen Africa conference over the years has also allowed her to be relevant on the latest industry developments and how they affect the African continent.

    At the PowerGen Africa conference she runs the PowerGen X program that gives University students and Young Professionals exposure to a big industry stage.

    Bertha is highly structured in her preparation of panellists. She allows panellists to bring the best of themselves in discussions through allowing a diversity of thoughts.

    She avoids group think which often doesn’t allow the audience to hear a variety of POVs in panel discussions.

    Bertha is a natural communicator who is articulate and well spoken. She does so with energy and enthusiasm. As a moderator this allows the audience to stay engaged and interested in the content of discussions.”

    Maanda Ramutumbu
  • Bertha Dlamini chaired an energy discussion on which EE Publishers MD Chris Yelland was a panellist at a recent ABB conference at Sandton Convention Centre. He was so impressed with her capabilities that he invited Ms. Dlamini to be a programme director at the EE Publishers’ SA Energy Storage, SSEG, Micro-Grid & Smart Grid 2018 conference and exhibition, held on 22 – 23 October 2018 at Emperors Palace, Johannesburg.

    Ms. Dlamini acquitted herself most professionally and with great understanding and insight of the energy storage sector. Her preparation for the event was impeccable, and her summaries of the discussions were succinct and showed clear understanding of the issues at hand.

    We would have no hesitation in recommending Ms Dlamini a chairperson, MC or programme director for any group, conference, seminar or panel discussion.

    Chris Yelland
  • Ms Dlamini has been actively involved with conference development as an Advisory Board member in the Power-Gen Africa Board and her pivotal role in the start-up of the Gen-X Program which seeks to integrate the student body into the larger conference knowledge sharing platform.

    She has thus developed her talent in facilitating discussions at senior level, and has honed her skills as a panel moderator.

    Ms Dlamini places much emphasis on her research of subject matter, believing that an-in-depth understanding of the topic, the market and its nuances, are vital to successfully navigating the discussion without bias, allowing for freedom of thoughts to be expressed.

    Preparation of panelists in never an easy task, and Ms Dlamini continues to show progress in her efforts to prepare candidates accordingly, as many are not often prepared for surprises or the sudden turn in a discussion

    She is articulate and able to effortlessly guide the narrative that unfolds, and capture the key points to highlight to the audience in an unobtrusive manner.

    I therefore recommend Ms Dlamini in her capacity as a facilitator and panel discussion moderator.

    Renita Moonsamy
  • Bertha is the consummate professional who I have had the pleasure of seeing on many occasions. As a moderator, it is evident that she takes her role seriously, evident by being well prepared and fully conversant with the topic at hand. A very eloquent speaker, she manages her panel and maintains her neutrality as required of a moderator.

    Rakesh Maharaj – Energy Entrepreneur
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Bertha over the past several years in connection with the development and delivery of POWER-GEN Africa – the leading conference serving the electricity sector across Africa. Bertha has been an invaluable member of our advisory board and has been instrumental in helping us shape the content in a way that is relevant and accessible to industry professionals. Bertha has also professionally moderated conference sessions and been pro-active in imagining and delivering an initiative at the event to promote excellence in the electricity professionals of the future – her GEN X programme. Without a doubt, I can attest to Bertha’s commitment and deep knowledge of the electricity sector but also her ability to provide valuable insights into aspects of marketing and event delivery. Everything she is involved with is done with a great passion. Bertha is an inspiring speaker and moderator and has championed Woman in Power with enthusiasm and determination. She will continue to be a force in the industry and in whatever else she chooses to put her mind to.

    Nigel Blackaby – Content Director, ENLIT at Clarion Events
  • I had the absolute pleasure of working with Bertha Dlamini when I was a panelist, and she was the moderator of the panel, at the ABB Customer World Africa 2018 convention: Driving leadership in Africa’s digital revolution. The panel was a conversation about the readiness of Africa’s business leaders in the context of 4IR – a complex and challenging topic that required careful and insightful management by the moderator. Bertha was remarkable. She was able to summarise and guide – and stitch together the disparate views being expressed, ensuring that the discussion was kept on track, that the audience was engaged, and that the panel served the role it was intended to: stimulate thought, initiate debate, and entertain. I would recommend her for any role where moderation, insight and good humour is required. It was my privilege to work with her.

    Ian R Jandrell – Dean: Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, Wits University
  • Ms Bertha Dlamini is well known to me as a professional and we have shared numerous business platforms/conferences. Being a moderator calls for very specific competencies which includes, but are not limited to, a good command of the language, the ability to address an audience in a professional manner, to guide a panel of experts to provide a conference/meeting/client with optimal value and to engage a diverse audience in a structured manner while keeping the focus on the topic at hand. To be able to do this calls for a broad business knowledge, understanding of the political, technology, social and economic landscape, extensive study of the topics at hand, assertiveness and the ability to facilitate difficult discussions. Furthermore, it is essential to effectively brief the panel members.

    Ms Dlamini, has demonstrated her capability in this regard at numerous occasions. In addition to my past exposure to the competencies of Ms Dlamini as a moderator, in the very recent past I witnessed her capability as a moderator during the SALGA Energy Summit 2018 and the PowerGen & DISTRIBUTECH Africa 2018 conference. During these conferences she was the moderator of extremely complex panel discussions. She directed these discussions in an absolute professional manner, demonstrated her depth of knowledge in covering a very wide range of topics, while she ensured that the panel as well as the audience had the opportunity to effectively engage. Her ability to summarize the discussions as well as deliverables, and to map out the way forward, is of an outstanding standard.

    I can recommend Ms Dlamini as a moderator without any reservations. She will add value and take any panel discussion or session where she is the moderator, to the level of excellence.

    Dr Willem J de Beer