``Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters.``

Margaret Wheatley

“We plan with you and help you deliver great conversations, on topics that matter to you and your stakeholders” – Bertha Dlamini

Session Chairs  and panel moderators are crucial to the success of an event, whether online or virtual- they draw out themes and divergent points of view, they help to create an inclusive and equitable environment.

As a moderator my interest is to create an environment for inspired conversations, it is not for me to showcase my views. I listen and reflect, and encourage participation.

I work with a team of experts to plan for your event, together we follow these steps:


Content Planning and Coordination

We work with our clients and their guest speakers to plan and coordinate content. We assess content areas for overlap, and sometimes controversy. We advise client on content direction and management

Objective facilitation of content

We ensure that content is facilitated objectively ensuring that each speaker has the opportunity to articulate their perspectives;

Highlighting key issues as they emerge

Keeping the discussion relevant and on topic

Ensuring robust energetic discussions

Engage the audience

Keep speakers engaged with the audience

Crafting and asking relevant questions

Audience Champion

Continuously assessing the response and reactions from the audience;

Giving feedback, creating an engaging environment;

Refocusing discussions to the topic

Keeping time

Affording allocated time for each speaker and the audience for questions

Keeping discipline without diluting content

Logistics and planning

We assist our client with event content logistics

Ensuring that all speaker needs are catered for in advance

What to expect

You can expect that I will take the role you have given me as a moderator seriously and will diplomatically wield the necessary power  where necessary. My role includes bringing order to an unwieldy group of strangers and somehow unify their disparate perspectives into a meaningful conversation. I achieve this through detailed planning and preparation of panellists and speakers in advance, so they know what to expect.

If necessary I am quick on my feet and can improvise onstage!

My sole mission is to ensure a great audience experience.

I am firm but not over bearing.

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