Virtual engagements are the new normal as the demand for virtual meetings has increased. By their nature, virtual engagements are more complex, require more planning to be highly effective, and must be executed in a different way to drive engagement, buy-in and commitment to action. 

We work with your team to plan content delivery ensuring that presentations used can enable shared  meaning. For all virtual engagements I am able to help your audience  to participate and collaborate effectively and within the allocated time. Ensuring that the outcomes of the planned engagement are met with maximum participation.

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If you need someone who can set the right tone for your event, keep the pace and control of the content relevant to your audience while staying vigilant in keeping the discussions on topic – reach out to us!

During your event, we keep information and communication flow clear and accessible to all who participate, at all times.
We monitor the communication flow, making summaries, and synthesizing content as the discussions progress.

Online, we manage participants’ requests and posts, ensuring that participants are engaged.

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“It is my joy to share my story, and inspire others to do better in their endeavours.” – Bertha  Dlamini

Do you want to have real and honest engagement about virtues, authenticity and real talks about growth, performance, personal responsibility, accountability?

What it means to take the initiative to invest in your personal growth? 

I use my personal experience across multiple sectors and through different roles to inspire others to strive to do better in all their endeavours. Let me help you or your team to see growth in a different light!

Courage, integrity, accountability, fun and success!

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Telling stories is like opening an a window of endless opportunities